Bob Snodgrass President with n2C for 12 years 351 days Here to deliver
Will Long (aka @kerasai) Developer (contractor) with n2C for 6 years 352 days Here for complex problems
Dave Goldin Themer/Strategist at large (contractor) with n2C for 8 years 0 days Here to architect solutions
Alejandro Salinas Backend Developer (contractor) with n2C for 4 years 5 days Here to resolve and enhance
John Siciliano Software Engineer with n2C for 3 years 255 days Here to create
Marta Soderstrom Community Manager with n2C for 1 years 85 days Here to keep the office running
Chris Calip Full Stack Developer (contractor) with n2C for 8 years 84 days Here for the challenges
Clae Carlson Intern (CS Major) with n2C for 285 days Here to learn and grow
Maki Chief Sleeper with n2C for 1 years 31 days Here for the couch