Bob Snodgrass President with n2C for 12 years 134 days Here to deliver
John Siciliano Software Engineer with n2C for 3 years 39 days Here to create
Marta Soderstrom Office Assistant with n2C for 233 days Here to keep the office running
Clae Carlson Intern (CS Major) with n2C for 75 days Here to learn and grow
Maki Chief Sleeper with n2C for 179 days Here for the couch
Dave Goldin Themer/Strategist at large (contractor) with n2C for 7 years 148 days Here to architect solutions
Will Long (aka @kerasai) Developer (contractor) with n2C for 6 years 135 days Here for complex problems
Chris Calip Full Stack Developer (contractor) with n2C for 7 years 239 days Here for the challenges
Alejandro Salinas Backend Developer (contractor) with n2C for 3 years 153 days Here to resolve and enhance