Sally Gradle

Front End Developer & our WordPress Expert (Contractor)

Here to make things better

Sally has always had an interest in learning how things work, and then how to make them better. As a front-end web developer, she gets to do that every day. While mostly working with HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, she is not afraid to take a look at the database and see what is going on there, too. Sally is our WordPress expert, but is also well on her way to proficiency with Drupal. Find out more about her work at Blue Orchid Web Development.

Her professional life started in the world of manufacturing and logistics where she often found herself solving the technology problems that inevitably crop up in an office. Sometimes she had to create a solution or learn a new skill and that approach is one she continues to use.

In her downtime Sally enjoys very analog hobbies of knitting and gardening, and gets outside for biking or walking, in town or on trails, as the weather allows.

Sally Gradle Photo 2019 with n2C for 1 years 149 days