Adrian McKee


Here to help, to learn and to flourish.

Adrian comes to net 2Community,Inc with a background in computer & network consulting.  He's helped individuals plan, install, and maintain computer networked systems and service requirements by providing the following quality services:

  • computer networking
  • wireless networking
  • Internet connectivity
  • server administration
  • PC connectivity
  • hardware installation
  • hardware maintenance
  • network security
  • anti-virus protection
  • ad ware protection
  • spam protection
  • website implementation
  • web design
  • web hosting

When not working in Drupal, you can find Adrian researching his ancestry or photographing events for family & friends.  He has a nice Drupal site regarding African American Bluegrass; check it out.

Maybe you'll even catch him playing music sometime.  Adrian's musical knowledge and history includes the ability to play music on vinyl, cassette tapes, 8-Track tapes, CDs & the radio… oh, and guitar, harmonicas, nose-flute, banjo, electric bass, trombone and tuba.  He studied at the Old Town School of Folk Music.  If you want to see a great photo of him with an upright bass, back in his Bluegrass band days, check out his website.

I'm here taking up space, LOTS of it! with n2C for 2 years 362 days