Van Kirk Consulting Launches Drupal 8 Site

Van Kirk Consulting has been a net2Community client since February 2007 as Times have changed for them with John Van Kirk's partner transitioning out of the business and taking on full time employment. In the meantime technology has changed, hardcoded HTML did the trick for their small business back then. These days the state of the art for Drupal made it very practical to move their site to Drupal 8.

Why do this project?

  1. A new website would demonstrate a more professional face for the business
  2. We wanted to experiment with Drupal 8
  3. We wanted to see what Drupal 8 could do without the use of Contributed modules
  4. Drupal 8 would provide a secure and sustainable platform
  5. We could train the client to do his own content updates

The project was assigned and completed almost entirely by John Siciliano as his first introduction to Drupal 8. We used very few contributed modules with almost all of the functionality being provided by Drupal 8 Core. 

Project Outcomes:

  • The site looks much more professional
  • Easy to maintain site
  • Increased traffic
  • Greatly improved connections with LinkedIn
  • The client can easily update all his content
  • painless support
  • visit the site at

Full disclosure here, John Van Kirk of Van Kirk Consulting, has been Bob's best friend and "brother" since junior high school. (That is a REALLY LONG TIME!) The work on the first site was done over a weekend visit between hiking in Red Rock Canyon, a visit to Three Angry Wives Pub and pool games in John's and Dar's recreation room. That first site was a VERY quick 8 hours of work to build back then, most of that time was spent on content edits (and re-edits and re-edits and re-edits... etc.). Bob says the work was interesting and he certainly considers the meals, lodging and entertainment payment in full for the level of effort.