Drupal Security and Management Tools Presentation

Alejandro Salinas and John Siciliano of net2Community, Inc. presented on "Drupal Security and Management Tools", on February 15, 2017.

Alejandro provided an introductory level presentation of some of the most widespread website vulnerabilities. He covered the effects each vulnerability carries, potential attack vectors, mitigation techniques, and how Drupal coding standards promote best practice and safe development. A demonstration showing the effects of a worst-case scenario attack on Drupal concluded the presentation; it hammered home the importance of making security updates.

John presented the new net2Community, Inc. website and discussed some of the management tools we use for site deployment, security updates and maintenance. This was an expanded presentation from our January user group meeting, showing some command line tools, install profiles, deployment and update scripts. We have been improving our tools here at net2Community as part of our process reengineering efforts focused on client satisfaction.