Doing Drupal since 2008, net2Community, Inc. now on Drupal Marketplace

net2Community, Inc. has always been focused on our clients' projects and spreading the good news about the Drupal Project and community. Bob Snodgrass founded net2Community, Inc. in March of 2005 to operate primarily as a freelance consultant. A couple of web projects pointed him to open-source content management systems. He was quickly introduced to Drupal. Projects got bigger and more fun and the Drupal community provided access to a wealth of knowledge and consultants to help get things done.

We thought after passing our 10th year of Drupal work it was appropriate to finally complete the process of adding our firm to the Drupal Marketplace. Yea, congrats to us! net2Community, Inc. at

Other Milestones in our History

  • net2Community, Inc. established as a Corporation, March 2005
  • One employee since March 2005
  • First Drupal site launched and public presentations on building with Drupal 2007
  • Helped organize the first Drupal Camp in Chicago October 2008
  • Founded Fox Valley Drupal Users Group, Jan 7, 2009
  • Helped organize Fox Valley Drupal Camp 2012 and 2013
  • Sponsored multiple midwest Drupal Camps; Chicago Drupal Camp, Fox Valley Drupal Camp, MidCamp - Chicago, Chattanooga Drupal Camp, DrupalCorn - Iowa
  • Drupal Association Member since 2012, Drupal Association 
  • Official 1099 contractors since 2009
  • 3 W2 employees since June 2014
  • 4 W2 employees since December 2016

* We are proud to have been able to participate in this great open-source community to this extent.
* We also recognize there are many companies and individuals in the Drupal Community who are able to provide a great level of support and we are proud to join with them in their efforts!

Stats as of April 2017 (for those of you who like numbers)

  • Oldest company account "bsnodgrass" on for 11 years 1 month
  • Total years of employee Drupal experience 17+ years
  • Total people trained 670+
  • Total sites launched 100+