Welcome to net2Community, Inc. ~ Drupal Consulting Services

We serve the people and organizations who provide services to improve the quality of life in our local communities. We provide resources, leadership, and technology tools and skills to help improve and expand the reach of your services.

30 years experience working with community organizations, businesses, and municipal government allow us to apply hands-on consulting and project management services to get results for your technology and information systems projects including:

  • Specializing in Drupal site building, training, maintenance and support
  • Web Development and Information Systems Consulting
  • Online Community Development
  • Project Management Services
  • Customized Application Training

While some Consultants only recommend or shortcut the implementation process for new systems, we focus on integrating the use of technology to improve the delivery of social and community services.

The process of developing strategy, planning and gaining the support of stakeholders is important. But we know in the real world gaining a quick return on effort is the best way to promote acceptance and support for your projects. All projects from the simplest static marketing website to a full-blown interactive internet applications start with getting that first result.

Our primary focus is to provide information systems to support delivery of the products and services you provide. This means providing collaboration tools and information access for front line staff, site visitors, management, vendors, members or volunteers through the use of the internet and web applications.